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Insider’s Information on Casa Bellamini on Turtle Creek

Braden Power, co-owner and founder of Power Properties, completed Casa Bellamini in 2009. With over 6 years to develop, design, and build, Braden’s vision of a new concept home has been completed.  Casa Bellamini is a celebration of many styles executed with extreme precision.  From the monolithic feel of homes built centuries ago to the emphasis placed on symmetry found more often in more contemporary structures, Casa Bellamini is truly a unique experience to even the most sophisticated client.

Braden hopes to develop the concept all over the world.  Because the details are complete, the time frame and cost to redevelop the project will be considerably less. The home is the private residence of Braden Power and serves as a model for possible future development.  Braden Power may be contacted as a consultant.  Both the plans and particular details of the home are also available for purchase.


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